Summer Jams Attendee (Member)

Summer Jams Attendee (Member)

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Join us for an inspiring and educational evening with a focus on new books from manuscripts to pre-press to truck delivery. Learn every aspect of book publishing from live, active authors. Spring of Innovation traditionally includes speakers, select business showcase vendors, delicious food and beverages, and live music. This program is ideal for authors, artists and inventors, and follows an over-arching theme of innovation in boxes, books and brains.

Join us on July 27 and enjoy:

  • Experienced inventor speakers
  • Exhibits from businesses who support inventors and new inventions
  • Heavy appetizers
  • Beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks)
  • Live music
  • Preview of 8th Annual Quid Novi Innovation Conference
  • Great networking!


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Venue: to be announced


  • Attendee tickets for members of Quid Novi Innovations are complimentary with advance registration by July 20.
  • Tickets with advance registration July 21-26 are $22.00.
  • Ticket price at the door:  $30.00.

Note: this registration is only for current Members of Quid Novi Innovations.

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